Featured Criminal Defense Cases


  • United States v. Francis Foree,  43 F.3d 1572 (11th Cir. 1995)  First case in United States requiring marijuana plans to have a root structure, not cuttings.
  • United States v. Ivan Lopez-Vanegas, 493 F.3d 1305 (11th Cir. 2007) Reversal of conviction, client discharged, first case requiring government to prove a conspiracy to traffic in cocaine was intended to be distributed in the United States.
  • United States v. Wayne Ottey Drug Trafficking indictment dismissed of largest cocaine distribution syndicate in Western Pennsylvania.
  • United States v. Tremaine Bodie Dismissal of Drug Trafficking indictment due to government’s delay in arresting Defendant.
  • United States v. Loris Gemon Largest Drug Trafficking case in the Western District of North Carolina (Charlotte).
  • State of Florida v. Maria Tarrago Mother poured gasoline over daughter and lit her on fire, found not guilty of attempted murder, not guilty of arson, guilty of aggravated child abuse.
  • State of Florida v. Ernest Yando Yando confessed to first degree murder charge, found not guilty by jury.
  • State of Florida v. Lindy Slappy Slappy confessed to first degree murder charge, two eye-witnesses testified at trial, found not guilty by jury
  • State of Florida v. Andrew Foster First degree murder charge, two witnesses who knew defendant from high school and lived in same neighborhood testified he was the shooter, found not guilty by jury.
  • State of Florida v. Steve Milien Armed trafficking in cocaine, 20 DEA and Officers testified, defendant ran and tossed the cocaine and the gun, found not guilty by jury.
  •  State of Florida v. Mark Herman First televised murder trial in the State of Florida – First murder case on  the Island of Palm Beach
  • State of Florida v. Lafayette Bigelow First degree murder charge, defendant had psychological issues since childhood, found not guilty by reason of insanity by jury.
  • State of Florida v. Franck Saint Fleur First degree murder charge, murder weapon discovered under his mattress, jury deadlocked; mistrial.
  • State of Florida v. Clifton Dickson  First Degree Murder, eight count indictment.  Three victims, three eyewitnesses, two crime scenes separated by eight days.  Jury deliberated for 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Not Guilty.
  • State of Florida v. Dexter Kemp  Charged with First Degree Murder.  After 2 years of investigating, defending, preparing for trial, the prosecutor conceded.  He could not win his case and dismissed the charges.

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