Featured Interior Design Cases


  • Cauff v. Fine Decorators Fraud case against largest decorating firm in country doing millions of dollars a year in business. Company owner’s license was revoked; Cauff received one million dollars
  • Bodor v. Howard Design Group Interior Design suit by CFO of Ivax Corp for frauluent billing and shoddy workmanship, at residence. Confidential settlement.
  • Sergio Danquecourt (Bacardi) v. Fine Decorators Interior designer fraudulent billing practices at residence
  • Steven Zelman Style Design v. Perla Lichi Interior designer business dispute.  Successful resolution.
  • Fleishner v. SW3 Consultants and Sheree Roberts Interior Design suit, by minority owner of L.A. Fitness, for fraudulent business practices and shoddy workmanship, at residence.  Verdict for homeowner.
  • Mendez Design v. Dematos Venezuelan owner of Miami residence refused to pay balance of $1,000,000 in charges, verdict for Interior Designer.
  • Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams Confidential resolution of issues at Palm Island, Miami Beach Residence.
  • Derek Ettinger v. Interiors by Steven G Settlement of Interior Design Dispute


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Article:  After Lawsuit Interior Designer Gives up License – Alan Soven case, Article by Joan Fleischman of The Miami Herald

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Contract Issues Related To Chapter 481, Florida Statues

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