Seizure of Property / Forfeiture


  • Forfeiture of $15,600 – Seizure by Florida Highway Patrol, Judgement reversed by Florida 4th District Court of Appeals; and money returned.
  • Forfeiture of Ford Van – Seizure by Sweetwater Police.  Corrupt Detectives from Police Force suspended or indicted.  Judge orders van returned.  Several officers indicted.  Successful settlement.
  • Forfeiture of $79,000 – Seizure by DEA at Miami Airport after search of suitcase.  All currency returned.
  • Forfeiture of 37′ Midnight Express – Seized by DEA, returned to owner.  Seized again one year later, after boat was painted the second time.  Returned to owner a 2nd time.
  • Forfeiture of Eastern Airlines Boeing 747 – Seized by DEA after co-pilot had kilos of cocaine under his seat.  Jet returned to Eastern Airlines.
  • Forfeiture of Lear Jet – Seized by DEA.  Returned to owner after one year of litigation.


“Mr. Soven served as Chairman of the Forfeiture Committee of the Criminal Law Section of The Florida Bar for six years”